Tempo Disc Maxi™ Wireless Temperature, Humidity and Dew Point Sensor Beacon and Data Logger

Tempo Disc Maxi™

Blue Maestro


The superior model of the Tempo Disc™, Tempo Disc Maxi™ is a larger device that now offers up to 5 years battery life.
This Tempo Disc Maxi™ measures temperature, humidity and dew point.
It is ultra small and has a replaceable battery with a life of approx. 5 years of ordinary use.
Tempo Disc Maxi™ stores up to 250 days on-board storage and is compatible with iOS and Android smartphones with Bluetooth 4.3 or higher.

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Environment of Use Indoor
Type of Logger Miniature
Measured Parameters Temp./Relative Hum./Dew Point


Looking for a small, accurate and cost effective logging solution for temperature, humidity and dew point? Look no further than the Tempo Disc Maxi™ Wireless Temperature, Humidity and Dew Point Data Logger and Sensor Beacon.

Featuring a hiqh quality and accurate thermometer and hydrometer chip from Silicon Labs, Tempo Disc Maxi Temperature, Humdity and Dew Point is the ideal Bluetooth compatible sensor and logger where reliability and accuracy is required.

Sensor beacon technology

Tempo Disc Maxi™ is a sensor beacon and data logger. That is to say it continuously transmits current telemetric data acting as a beacon and stores the prevailing telemetric data at the user defined logging interval in its onboard memory for later extraction by iOS or Android Bluetooth enabled smartphone. The beacon aspects of Tempo Disc Maxi™ means any smartphone running the app can see the prevailing data when in range, there is no limit to the number of users who can view it. This makes Tempo Disc Naxu™ ideal in situations where more than one user will be interested in viewing the data.

Accurate and reliable

You can rest easy knowing Tempo Disc Maxi™ is made from the highest quality components. such as Nordic Semiconductor’s multi-award winning Bluetooth System on Chip, Silicon Labs accurate and reliable SI7020 temperature and humidity sensor and a Johannson ceramic antenna for long range and performance.

Long battery life with easily changed battery

Tempo Disc Maxi™ is powered by CR2477 coin cell battery (included) which lasts approximately 5 years in normal operation. The battery is easily changed by unscrewing the back cover.

Generous data storage

Tempo Disc Maxi™ stores 18,000 data points in its internal memory which can be downloaded to your iOS or Android Bluetooth enabled smartphone using our free apps. Data storage is on a FIFO basis, that is to say that when the on-board memory is full older logs are written over with new logs in a circular fashion. Once the data is downloaded to your smartphone there is no limit of data storage in the apps.

Easy to set up, use and maintain

No complications, no ongoing fees, no cloud account required. You have the simplicity and convenience of using your iOS and Android Bluetooth enabled smartphone to see current readings and statistics and then downloading and analysing logged data. From your smartphone you can export the data in CSV format for record keeping, report generation and further analysis.

Internet capable

Should you want it, you can quickly and easily add internet capability to your Tempo Disc Maxi™ using our Tempo Anywhere™ Gateway and a Blue Maestro Cloud account. This Gateway routes the Tempo Disc Maxi™ data to the Cloud, where it can be stored, alerts generated and pushed to you by email/SMS text and the data viewed anywhere.

Temperature Range (Temperature and Dew Point):

-40ºC to +125ºC (-40ºF to +257ºF)

Humidity Range:

0% to 100% Relative Humidity

Memory Capacity:

18,000 data points (6,000 for each sensor type) on a rolling FIFO basis. 250 days at hourly logging

Threshold Alarms:

Two with threshold breach counter

Airplane Mode:


Wireless Range:

Up to 80m/275 feet line of sight

APIs and SDK for custom app development:



CR2477 Coin Cell (Changeable)

Battery Life:

Approximately 5 years with continuous Bluetooth transmission


CE, FCC and RoHS

Hardware Features:

Polycarbonate enclosure with soft touch TPE on/off button and LED indicator

Temperature and Dew Point Accuracy:

Typical 0.3ºC (0.5ºF) with maximum 0.4ºC (0.7ºF). Resolution of 0.1ºC. Drift less than 0.01ºC per annum

Temperature Response Time:

Time to 63% of final value in response to step change 3.8 minutes. Actual response time will vary dependant on system thermal mass and air flow

Humidity Accuracy:

Typical 3% RH with maximum 4% RH 0-80% RH. Resolution of 0.1ºC. Hysteresis +/- 1% RH. Drift less than 0.25% RH per annum

Logging Interval:

User defined from 1 minute to 18 hours

Real Time Clock:

Yes. Drift of approximately 60 seconds every 30 days

Advanced Security Features:

Pin protection & button disablement providing world class device integrity


Free Android and iOS


iOS 7 and above and Android 5 and above

Report Generation Templates:



6 months

Country of Manufacture

United States

A free app is provided for iOS and Android.
Below are the links to the latest versions.
Check back regularly for any new apps that may be released.
If there is more than one app that can be used with a device, the most recent one will be marked 'current', while older ones will be marked 'legacy'.
Current apps will be updated and patched while legacy apps will usually no longer be.

Current iOS App
Tempo Plus 2

Current Android App
Tempo Plus 2

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