LogEt 1 BIO Single Use PDF Temperature Data Logger

LogEt 1 BIO



  • Configurable ElitechLog software or online configuration website before use.
  • Large LCD screen with powerful indicators.
  • High measurement accuracy: 0.3℃.
  • Up to 5 alarm thresholds can be configured.
  • USB connector, no software or cable requires, automatically generate PDF report.

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Environment of Use Indoor
Measured Parameters Temperature
Application Transport
Number of Channels 1
With Display LCD

LogEt 1 BIO Single Use Temperature Data Logger is low-power LCD data logger with USB connector that has quick access to PDF data report without any software or cable. It is ideal to monitor temperature sensitive products throughout storage and transport in pharmaceuticals.

The series has LogEt 1/TH/Bio model that provides more flexible options for various applications as LogEt 1 supports temperature recording, LogEt 1 TH supports temperature and humidity recording and LogEt 1 Bio supports temperature recording with high accuracy requirements.

Before use, customers can configure the logger via ElitechLog software or online configuration website and configure password protection parameters to maintain the data safety.

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