MRC AWC-4 Water Distilator 4 liter/hour




WSB/WSC/AWC-Series, MRC Lab. Water Distillers

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Instrument for: Hospitals, Lab's, Clinics
Function: Water Distillation

Our range of water stills is the complete answer to all water purification requirements; they are built entirely our own expert craftswomen and craftsmen from top quality materials.
Used throughout the world in commercial, research and education
laboratories, highly valued for their quality manufacture, MRC stills are
efficient, low maintenance and reliable in service & will continue to provide outstanding service for years.
We do not build-in obsolescence, in fact any of our stills can be brought right up to date by retro-fitting the latest modifications.
MRC stills meet all the current safety regulations; providing failsafe operation even without supervision.

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