Astori VA/SO2 Kombo Glasschem The combined distillers for volatile acidity, sulphur and alcohol in wines

VA/SO2 Kombo Glasschem

Astori Tecnica


The VA/SO2 Kombo Glasschem still consists of a distillation unit for volatile acidity combined with 2 or 4 units to determine the sulphur dioxide, according to the Kombo version.
These instruments are certainly the ideal solution for wine industries and third-parties laboratories which must perform distillations of more parameters, simultaneously.

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Instrument for: Analysis of Wines
Function: Analysis of wines, mosts, grape juice and spirits

The VA/SO2 Kombo Glasschem distillers allow the additional analysis of the alcoholic content, with an accuracy better than 0,2%, thanks to the ebulliometric technique used and to our special supplied software.
It has a new design and an Auto-Draining system to eliminate the exhausted wine sample at the end of the distillation for volatile acidity.
Also a flow-rate control system of the air stream for SO2 and a high efficiency of the wine heating and the absence of gas leaks in the environment, make these new instruments really exclusive.

"All-in-one" instrument for the analysis of volatile acidity, SO2 and alcoholic contents.
2 available versions that satisfy all needs: Kombo 1+2 and Kombo 1+4.
Applicable to all wines, mosts, grape juices and spirits.
25% faster distillation time for volatile acidity than to other traditional distillers.
Easy separation and draining of exhausted wine samples at the end of the procedure.
Several distillations of volatile acidity can be esecuted in a row, without adding cold water.
2 or 4 distillation heads for the total or free or bound sulphur dioxide content.
Alcoholic content analysis based on the ebulliometric method (accuracy: better than 0,2%).
Optional "Alcohol Determination Kit" for the determination of alcoholic contents.
High-efficiency and energy-saving electrical heating system.
Constant heat input: no differences from distillation to distillation.
Space ergonomical design.
Very compact dimensions.
Very easy to install and use.

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