Wireless MWDG-ETH-B Datalogger Gateway - Data gathering, storage and export gateway.


Capetti Elettronica s.r.l.


Modular Wireless Datalogger Gateway
- Data gathering, storage and export basestation
- Manages up to 50 wireless probes/dataloggers storing up to 2,500,000 samples
- Equipped with external WSN antenna
- Provided with RS485 with MODBUS RTU protocol and LAN port for www.winecap.it Service Center connection and for remote reading using RTU ModBus over TCP.

Gateway for Monitoring, Thermoregulation and Building Automation

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Accessories Gateways

- Can be used with WineCapManager software (Data Configuration and Exporting Tool), which installed on a Windows PC, using USB port, allows probes/datalogger's configuration, radio network diagnosis, tables view and data export in XLS format
- 4U DIN rail mounting - May be expanded with EXP4IO  product line additional modules (disabling the RS485 port)
- Mounted in plastic case on DIN rail
- Provided with DR1524 power supplier.

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