MWDG-GSM-B Wireless Datalogger Gateway for collection, storage and export data (RS485, GSM)


Capetti Elettronica s.r.l.


Modular Wireless Datalogger Gateway - Data gathering, storage and export gateway
- Manages up to 50 wireless probes/dataloggers storing up to 2,500,000 samples
- Equipped with external WSN and GSM antennas
- Provided with RS485 with MODBUS RTU protocol and internal GSM module for point-to-point connections and GPRS for connection to the Service Center or for file upload to FTP server

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Sensors Accessories: Various

- Can be used with WineCapManager software (Data Configuration and Exporting Tool), which installed on a Windows PC, using USB port, allows probes/datalogger's configuration, radio network diagnosis, tables view and data export in XLS format
- WineCapManager can be used either locally and remotely using a caller GSM modem
- May be expanded with EXP4IO product line additional modules (disabling the RS485 port)
- Mounted in plastic case on DIN rail - Provided with DR1524 power supplier.

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