E23C5-101 Enercept System Calibrated (100A,RS485,Mb/BAC, 3Ph4W IEC)




The Enercept System Calibrated E20 Series offers a simple to order and deploy metering solution for 3-phase electrical metering. Designed with the user in mind, the solution offers a System accuracy and single part number for meter and Current Transducer (CT), or Rogowski Coils.

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The Sensor measures: Energy and Power

Simple to specify, simple to order, the meter is also simple to deploy with its factory mounted CTs or Rogowski coils, and its capacity to change a sensor phase, or direction, by a simple software instruction. ANSI versions are also provided with mounted fuse packs. Benefiting from the adaptable E20 Enercept Flex platform, the System Calibrated option retains a wide input range of 90 to 480 VAC. The meter's small form factor enables installation in existing panels with limited space, and does not require external mounting or the expense of extra enclosures or conduit runs, the ideal submeter for cost allocation and other applications. Communicating models support auto detection of baud rate, parity, and protocol for Modbus RTU and BACnet MS/TP which save on installation and configuration. The Enercept comes with standard communication output commonly supported by automation systems and data loggers.

  • Features:

- A single part number to achieve System accuracy of 1% at a set rating (100A, 200A, 400A, or 5,000A)
- Reduced commissioning time:
        - Factory mounted Current Transducers (100, 200 or 400A), or Rogowski Coils (5,000A rating, 12" or 18" Ropes)
        - Factory mounted fuse packs on ANSI versions (E23C6xxxx)
        - Software changeable Sensor phase assignment and direction. No need to power down and re-wire a CT
- High System Accuracy with:
        - Real Power and Energy, CT: ANSI C12.1, 1%; IEC62053-22 Class 1S, 1%
        - Reactive Power and Energy: IEC 62053-24 Class 1, 1%
        - Modbus and BACnet protocols along with uni-directional and bi-directional feature sets in one unit. Simplifies ordering and stocking options
        - Large input voltage 90 to 480 VAC to meet most needs
        - Flexible installation via DIN rail or screw mount options (with included mounting bracket)
        - Native Modbus and BACnet MS/TP support with serial rates up to 115.2 kbaud

  • Applications:

- Energy monitoring (BAS)
- Renewable energy
- Energy management
- Commercial submetering
- Industrial monitoring
- Cost allocation

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