3679WD1 WatchDog 1000/2000 Series Data Transporter


Spectrum Technologies


Transport your weather data and bring back to your host PC.  Use with Software Spec 9 to offload to your desktop PC.

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WatchDog 1000/2000 Series Data Shuttle

Holds data for multiple stations (up to 5 Full, 10 Mini, or 12 Micro Stations)
Fail-safe, nonvolatile EEPROM memory provides added dependability and convenience.
 To be used with the 2000 Series Weather and Mini Stations, and the 1000 Series Micro Stations.
  Includes soft-sided case (also available separately, Item 7500)

Spec8 Pro or higher; Spec 9 Pro 9.02 Build 0223 or higher for use with WatchDog 1000 series loggers.

The WatchDog 1000/2000 Data Shuttle performs the following functions:
• Download data from WatchDog 1000 and 2000 loggers, mini-stations, and Weather Stations in the field.
• Checks battery status and alerts the user if the station/logger battery needs to be replaced.
• If necessary, correct the station/recorder clock.
• Communicates with SpecWare to transfer the downloaded data to the PC.

It can hold the maximum amount of data from 5 WatchDog 2000 Series Weather Stations, 10 Mini Stations, or 12 Loggers.
It can hold data from up to 25 drives, as long as they are partially full.

Download the maximum amount of data from a WatchDog 2000
Standard weather station in approximately 22 minutes (depending on the number of sensors in use).
Partial downloads complete proportionally faster.

1 user replaceable 9V alkaline battery.
Battery life is about 6 months inactive.
The battery is consumed at a faster rate when reading and writing.
One battery can process approximately 10 full shuttles.
As a general rule, if the Data Shuttle display reads “30% FULL”, then 3% of the projected battery life will have been consumed transferring that data from the logger/station to the PC.

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