Integrated and expandable "Plug and Play" system for the monitoring and control of low and medium voltage electrical loads and environmental parameters.

Flexibility (open platform)
Connectivity (RS485, ExpBus, Ethernet, Wi-Fi, NFC)
For continuous monitoring (for example, ISO 50001)
Energy efficiency (eg, 2012-27, EU and EEC directive)
Power automation panel and energy expansion panel

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Equipped with an internal UPS assuring a continuous power supply. Ethernet and/or Wi-Fi (external antenna) communication.
Astronomical, perpetual, battery powered clock / calendar and non-volatile memory.
Instantaneous measurements of each current and voltage harmonic up to the 51-st order.
Accuracy class 0,5S for Active Energy.
Version for the monitoring of the Power Quality events (peaks, sags, swells, micro-interruptions, etc) using any third party CT../5A or ../1A.
Options already activated: datalogging (1 x Upgrade Log 8), displaying of the readings on internal web pages (Upgrade Web) and historic energy graphs (Upgrade Charts).
Equipped with: 8 inputs for Electrex environmental parameter sensors, 2 digital inputs and 2 digital outputs.
Remotely upgradable firmware. FSTN graphic display, 2 calibration LEDs, NFC communication. CTs, power supply, voltage inputs, input/output connections are made via polarized connectors for a "Plug and Play", fast and always-correct installation.
Included 1 x PCALV0-01: 5 Pins Female Polarized Power Supply / Voltage Inputs Connector; 1 x PCALA0-01: 6 Pins Female Polarized Current Inputs Connector with 2 m Cable.
Power supply: 230Vac. Size: 236x316x130 mm.

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