LAT-B3 Leaf and Air Temperature Sensors for broad leaves.




 LAT Leaf-to-Air-Temperature sensors are used for direct and continuous high-precision temperature measurements on broad leaves.
 The measured temperature parameters include absolute temperatures of the leaf surface, leaf-surrounding ambient air (Tair), and the temperature difference between leaf surface and ambient air (ΔTleaf-to-air).
 These devices are suitable for long-term applications in outdoor conditions.
 Due to their extremely low power consumption, these Ecomatik LAT sensors are ideal for battery-powered solutions, e.g., in IoT applications.

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The Sensor measures: Leaf Temperature
Output Signal: mV
Cable Length: 0.5m + 4.5m plug-in extension, plug-in extension up to max. 50 m possible

LAT-B3: Leaf-to-Air Temperature Broadleaf Type.

With it's ultra-light-weight magnetic clamp mechanism the LAT-B3’s is mounted on a leaf where it uses two high-precision micro-thermistor probes to simultaneously measures absolute leaf temperature (Tleaf) and air temperature (Tair). In every individual sensor the two thermistor probes are factory-matched, ensuring maximum precision when determining the difference between leaf and air temperature (ΔTleaf-to-air).

 Direct, continuous and highly accurate measurement of blade temperature (Tleaf), air temperature (Tair), and leaf-air temperature difference (ΔTleaf-to-air)
 Small, lightweight and flexible sensors to minimize loading on and damage to the measurement object
 Easy installation
 Maximum stability against wind and rain; specifically designed for field conditions
 Customizable production possible, e.g. for specific leaf/needle size
 Extremely low power consumption, suitable for IoT application
 Sensor signal in mV, measurable with most common data loggers

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