PIR-B Direct Solar Radiation sensor (Out: 4÷20mA.) Pyrheliometer

Nesa srl


The pyrheliometer (First Class according to ISO 9060 classification) is an
instrument for measurement of direct solar irradiance (Watt/m2), using a thermopile.

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  • High precision direct sun energy sensor
  • thermopile measuring system
  • Compact and light design in aluminium
  • According to WMO standards
  • Spectrum of radiation 250-4000 nm
  • Easy to clean up and maintain
  • According to norms

• Sensor for direct solar radiation at high precision

• Measuring system with thermopile

• Body in aluminum sturdy and compact, easy to install

• Conforms to standard WMO

• Measuring range typical: 0÷2000W/m2, 250÷4000nm

• Field of View: 5°

• Typical sensitivity: 10 μV/(W/m2)

• Output signal: 10 μV/(W/m2), 0÷2Vdc, 4÷20mA, RS485/Modbus

• Operating conditions: -40 ÷ +80°C

• Power supply: 10 ÷ 30Vdc

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