AEROTRAK A100-35 TSI Particle counter 50 L/Min




Flow: 50 Liters/minute (1.77 CFM)

Measurement range: 0.3 to 10 μm

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The Sensor measures: Particles
Instrument for: Gas Analysis

This model of particle counter can generate Comply/No Comply reports according to ISO 14644-1, EU GMP Annex 1 and allows operation as independent equipment or integrated into the monitoring system of the room or building.

Number of channels: 6 (0.3 - 0.5 - 1.0 - 2.0 - 3.0 and 5.0 μm)
Resolution: <15% @ 0.3 μm per ISO 21501-4
Efficiency: 50% at 0.3μm - 100% for >0.45 μm
Concentration limit: 3,900,000/ft3 (137,670,000/m3) at 10% coincidence loss
Light source: Long-life laser diode with 5-year warranty
Zero Count: < 1 count every 5 minutes per ISO 21501-4 and JIS B9921

AeroTrak®+ Portable Airborne Particle Counters (APCs) are ideal for all industries for cleanroom certification, monitoring and specialized tasks including gas testing and filter scanning.

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