DUAL-BA Leaf Positioning Device WALZ




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For measurements of attached leaves with the fiber optics, we have developed the leaf positioning device, DUAL-BA. The device includes a fiber optics holder, a magnetic end piece for the fiber optics and a right-angled metal sheet that sticks to the end piece by magnetic force. The metal sheet positions the leaf in front of the fiber optics end.

Design: Tube-shaped fiber tip holder composed of polyoxymethylene (POM; 4.5 cm x 2.5 cm, L x D max,) with laterally recessed permanent samarium-cobalt magnet. Spring steel band (0.3 mm thick, 1.5 cm wide) consisting of two sides (2 cm and 5 cm, respectively) which form a right angle.

The leaf is positioned between the 2 cm side of the steel band and the fiber optics tip. The steel band is attached to the fiber tip holder by placing the 5 cm side of the steel band on the fiber tip holder’s magnet. Including a guide loop (length 3 cm, diameter 2.5 cm) for fiber optics with an 11 cm steel rod (0.8 cm diameter) for mounting to a stand

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