JUNIOR-BD Leaf Clip for measurements of ambient light intensity and leaf temperature




The leaf clip JUNIOR-BD allows measurements of ambient light intensity and leaf temperature as complementary information to fluorescence data.
The clip holds the leaf at constant distance to the fiber tip and at an angle of 60° between fiber axis and leaf plane.

Photosynthetically active radiation, (PAR light), in μmol m-2 s-1is measured by a micro quantum sensor mounted parallel to the sample, and temperature is recorded by a Ni-CrNi thermocouple which touches the lower leaf surface.

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Type of Instrument Chlorophyll Fluorometers
The Sensor measures: Ambient Light and Temp.

Compared to its predecessor (JUNIOR-B), the JUNIOR-BD clip provides advanced digital features: the clip converts primary PAR and temperature signals into digital information and, thus, transfers signals without loss to the JUNIOR-PAM. Further, the calibration data of both sensors of the clip are stored on the clip’s flash memory and they are automatically used by the JUNIOR-PAM connected.

The JUNIOR-BD clip is only compatible with newer types of JUNIOR-PAM fluorometers. The predecessor leaf clip, however, is still available. When reordering a leaf clip, please provide serial number of your JUNIOR-PAM so that we can select the proper accessory for you.

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