US-SQS/L Submersible Spherical Micro Quantum PAR Light Sensor from WALZ




Submersible Spherical Micro Quantum Sensor WALZ
With 3.7 mm diffusing sphere, coupled to integrated PAR-Sensor via 2 mm fiber. Cable 3m long with BNC connector. Does not include Logger/meter.

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Especially under water or when working with suspensions, the amount of scattered light is very high, so that a spherical sensor should be used. The US-SQS sensor uses a plastic diffuser to obtain an angular response error of less than ± 5% from -100° to 100° angle.

For photosynthesis research, sensors with spectral and directional sensitivity relevant for plants are required.

US-SQS Sensor

Design of sensor: 3.7 mm diameter white plastic diffusing sphere connected via internal 2 mm plastic light guide with detector

Sensor housing: Stainless steel

Signal detection: High stability silicon photovoltaic detector (blue enhanced) with filter set for PAR correction (380 to 710 nm)

Signal output in air: Typically 3.5 μA / 1000 μmol m-2 s-1

Response time of photodiode: Rise and fall time of photocurrent (RL = 50 Ω; VR = 5 V; λ = 850 nm; IP = 800 μA): 25 ns

Temperature coefficient of photodiode: 0.18 %/K

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