3055-FL LED-Array/PAM-Fluorometer 3055-FL




Chlorophyll Fluorometer

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The PAM fluorometry with the saturation pulse method provides detailed information on the light-energy usage of photosystem II and, thus, adds important information on primary photosynthetic reactions to the gas exchange data.

The LED-Array/ PAM-Fluorometer 3055-FL collects the fluorescence information with 6 detectors on up to 8 cm2 sample area. Therefore it allows gas exchange measurements with the complete sample area of the Standard Measuring Head 3010-S.

Its LED array provides actinic red and blue light as well as the saturating light pulses. Also, it features far-red LEDs to determine the Fo’ fluorescence. It connects with a simple snap-on mount to the Standard Measuring Head 3010-S, allowing optical control when positioning the leaf in the cuvette.

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