GFS-3000 Portable Gas Exchange Fluorescence System for the assessment of plant photosynthesis




The portable GFS-3000 is a high precision system for the assessment of plant photosynthesis (CO2-uptake) or respiration (CO2-release) and transpiration – also in combination with optical measurements.

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Gas Interchange Measures are based on the basic principle that changes in CO2 and H2O concentrations are determined when air passes through a controlled climate chamber containing a sample of the plant.

The GFS-3000 is ideal for controlled laboratory environments as well as demanding conditions.The GFS-3000 field complements perfectly with other Walz systems that gives access to numerous aspects of photosynthesis research

Main components of the basic system

GFS-3000 package

• Control unit 3100 -C containing the CO2 and H2O analyzer, as well as all necessary components for CO2, H2O and flow control

• Standard Measurement Head 3010 - S that offers high application flexibility containing the ventilation, temperature and light control system

• 3040 -L LED light source with an LED array that provides 90% red and 10% blue light

• 3020-N AC power supply for laboratory use

• Units Two LiFePO4 battery 3035 - A for field work and battery charger LC - 03

The optional GFS-3000FL includes a Fluorometer LED-Array / PAM fluorometer 3055-FL combining both gaseous exchange quality and Walz fluorescence products in a complete portable system. This option allows fluorescence variables such as yields of photosystem II (Y (II), Fv / Fm, Fv '/ Fm) to be measured in addition to gaseous exchange variables such as photosynthesis, transpiration, stomatal conductance and leaf temperature. dissipations of energy (NPQ, qP, qN)

With this equipment all relevant environmental parameters for plant photosynthesis (CO2, H2O, temperature, light, ventilation and flow) can be automatically controlled throughout the physiological range. The GFS-3000 is ideal for controlled laboratory environments as well as demanding field conditions.

The GFS-3000 complements perfectly with other Walz systems, giving access to many aspects of the research in photosynthesis.

The airflow through the cuvette is adjusted exactly between 300-1400 mole-1 by a membrane pump controlled by an electronic basic flow meter. Mechanical flow indicators directly indicate flow balance.

Power: Two lithium-ion batteries can be connected simultaneously to the control unit, resulting in a total operating time of 4 to 8 hours. A compartment at the bottom of the control unit provides space for a Li-ion battery. Since the 3100-C control unit has a wide range of DC voltage input, it can also be connected to car batteries (12 - 24 V).

Integrated LCD display: This equipment can be operated through an integrated panel or an external connection to a personal computer. The integrated panel has a large LCD touch-screen with backlighting, which is easily readable in the field.

Easy to use and programming: A beginner with minimal training is able to operate GFS-3000. For more complex procedures such as calibration, the user is guided by the software. User-defined programming protocols, such as CO2 or light curves, are very simple.

Main Components of the Basic System Package GFS-3000

  Control Unit 3100‐C containing the CO2 and H2O analyzer, as well as all components required for the CO2, H2O and flow control

  Standard Measuring Head 3010‐S featuring high application flexibility containing the ventilation system, temperature and light control

  LED Light Source 3041-L with warm white LED array providing up to 10 cm2 homogenous illumination

  AC Power Supply 3020‐N for laboratory use

  Two LiFePO4 Battery Units 3035‐A for field work and Battery Charger LC‐03

Optional Components and Accessories
of the GFS-3000

  LED‐Array/PAM‐Fluorometer 3056‐FL for illumination of the leaf area and fluorescence measurements

  Fiberoptics PAM‐Fluorometer 3050‐F to analyze fluorescence in sunlight

  Miscellaneous accessories such as cuvettes and adapter plates offering user‐specific application options

  Accessories for product combinations with other Walz systems

Also, the complete equipment will be modified on customer request.

Aluminum housing featuring an integrated PC module, large graphical color-display well readable in sun-light with touch screen, 4-channel CO2/H2O gas analyzer, flow control, CO2 control (supplied via small cartridges or cylinders) and H2O control (for drying and humidifying). Pneumatic connectors for air inlet, measuring head and four vents. Sockets for cable connections: Cuvette: Standard Measuring Head 3010-S, DUAL-PAM Gas-Exchange Cuvette 3010-DUAL or Gas-Exchange Chamber 3010-GWK1; Aux in: two Auxiliaries; Comp (RS 485): additional component; USB (USB 2.0): USB storage device, USB null modem cable (USB-NMC), or other USB device; Battery DC/in: two LiFePO4 Batteries 3035-A, AC Power Supply Unit 3020-N, or external DC (12-24 V)

CO2/H2O Gas Analyzer

Design: 4-channel CO2/H2O absolute NDIR gas analyzer, separate cuvettes for CO2 and H2O

CO2 measurement: Simultaneous absolute and differential measurements, absolute range: 0 to 3000 ppm, cuvette length 20 cm, cuvette volume of one cell 6 cm3, gas-filled detector

H2O measurement: Simultaneous absolute and differential measurements, absolute range: 0 to 75000 ppm, cuvette length 20 cm, cuvette volume of one cell 6 cm3, pyroelectric detector (solid state)

Max. noise in absolute mode: <0.2 ppm CO2 and <30 ppm H2O

Resolution: 0.01 ppm CO2, 1 ppm H2O

CO2 absolute: Max. error between 0 and 600 ppm: 12 ppm, above 600 ppm: 2% of measured value
Deviation of differential CO2 zero with changing CO2Typ. less than 0.5 ppm
H2O absolute: Max. error between 0 and 15000 ppm: 330 ppm, above 15000 ppm: 2% of measured value
Deviation of differential H2O zero with changing H2O: Typ. less than 150 ppm

Correction: Signal is corrected for temperature, pressure and H2O-effect on CO2 signal

Barometric air pressure measurement: Range 60 to 110 kPa, accuracy ±0.1%

Modified System Package GFS-3000FL:

The modified system package GFS‐3000FL contains the LEDArray/ PAM‐Fluorometer 3056‐FL instead of the LED Light Source 3041‐L. All other components remain the same as in the basic system package GFS‐3000. In terms of price, GFS‐3000FL offers an interesting option to combine gas exchange and fluorescence measurements.


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