KandH IOT-100 Innovative IoT Experiment Platform




With the most popular wireless protocols and sensors.
WiFi / Bluetooth / ZigBee / EnOcean and 19 sensors with complete tutorial

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Communications IoT
Category IoT

IOT-100 adopts 4 different wireless protocols: ZigBee, Bluetooth, WiFi, and EnOcean. Users can select one (or more) wireless sensing technology and transmit data to wireless integrated gateway via MQTT protocol for observation and control.

IOT-100 Integrates ITS-200 IPv6 Experimental Equipment.
In order to allow users to know more about IoT network technology and communication protocols, IOT-100 integrates ITS-200 IPv6 experimental equipment for users to construct and simulate Internet or Intranet environment via ITS-200 router devices to achieve information transmission in IoT.

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