NextCell-2.0 Button Cell Compatible with Electrolyte (20 mm)



With progressive performance over several years, the NextCell button cell has become a standard used by SOFC researchers around the world. It is used as a reference cell for the development of the device and the cathode, and for the calibration of the test device.

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Type of Cells Electrolito
Electrolyte Supported Cells 20mm

Based on Nexceris' patented stabilized zirconium electrolyte support with Hionic ™ 150 micron scandium and modern acid and cathode materials, the NextCell offers high performance in the temperature range of 750 to 850ºC.
Fuelcellmaterials offers contact pastes for SOFC anodes and cathodes. To achieve optimal results, it is important to maintain good electrical contact between the electrode surface and the current collector. The application of a thin layer of ink (LSM for the cathode and nickel for the anode) between the electrodes and the current collectors guarantees reproducible test results.

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