ASC-2.5 Electrolyte Button Cell - Compatible with anode (25 mm)




Anode supported cells (ASCs) with the Ni-YSZ/YSZ/GDC/LSC is a great starting point for intermediate temperature (below 800°C) SOFC research and development. Using an ASC you receive an optimal balance of membrane and ionic function by using a very thin electrolyte.

(Minimum quantity: 5 units)

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Type of Cells Ánodo
Anode Supported Cells 25mm

We offer contact blends for the anodes and cathodes of SOFCs. To achieve optimal results, it is important to maintain good electrical contact between the electrode surface and the current collector. Applying a thin layer of ink (LSM for the cathode and nickel for the anode) between the electrodes and the current collectors will ensure reproducible test results.

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