SECA-2.0 Single Electrode Button Cell – Anode Only (20mm & 25mm)


Fuel Cell Materials


Single electrode button cells use Nexceris’ patent pending high strength, highly conductive HionicTM electrolyte support combined with the NextCellTManode system on one side.
This gives researchers a perfect tool for testing anode systems on a very consistent platform.  Single electrode button cells come in two standard support sizes, each with a 12.5 mm diameter electrode.
Additional cell sizes and electrode geometries are available.
Minimum order quantity: 5

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Type of Cells Ánodo
Anode Supported Cells 20mm & 25mm

To achieve optimum results, it is important to maintain good electrical contact between the electrode surface and the current collector. Applying a thin layer of ink (LSM for the cathode and Nickel for the anode) between the electrodes and current collectors will ensure reproducible testing results.

We offer contact pastes for both the anodes and cathodes of SOFCs.

20 mm y 25 mm:

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20 mm


25 mm

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