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3010-GWK1 Gas Exchange Chamber WALZ




3010-GWK1 Gas Exchange Chamber WALZ

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The Gas-Exchange Chamber 3010-GWK1 is designed to investigate medium-sized samples like small branches, big leaves, or fruits under well-defined climate controlled conditions. To provide this, the 3010-GWK1 chamber has a highly efficient temperature control, a transversal fan for fast ventilation, and pneumatic connectors for air-supply.

Internally there are sensors to accurately monitor temperature at three sites, air humidity, and PAR (photosynthetically active radiation). Externally the chamber has additional sensors for temperature and PAR.

The LED-Panel RGBW-L084 provides illumination for the Gas-Exchange Chamber 3010-GWK1. It has a densely packed array of high-power color-LEDs for uniform light distribution. Individual adjustable colors Red, Green, Blue and White exhibit together a maximum output of 2000 μmol s-1 m-2 or better.


The 3010-GWK1 chamber is equipped with four temperature sensors: Three Pt100-type sensors measuring temperature of inside air, near the cooling elements and externally. The fourth temperature sensor is a thermocouple for leaf temperature measurements..

Temperature Control Modes

Temperature control can be switched between three modes: Constant temperature of chamber air, constant leaf temperature, or temperature variation parallel to ambient temperature with an adjustable offset. Temperature profiles can be realized with user-programs. Due to the highly efficient Peltier technology, the cuvette temperature can be regulated fast and accurately.


The 3010-GWK1 chamber has two sensors for photosynthetic active radiation (PAR): A cosine corrected sensor (MQS/B-GWK1) measures ambient PAR at sample level outside the chamber, and a special miniaturized sensor measuring PAR inside the chamber.


A maintenance-free sensor measuring the relative humidity with an accuracy ±1.5% r.h. is located inside the gas-exchange chamber.


The gas-exchange chamber features a transversal fan for effective ventilation. Its speed is adjustable in 10 steps.


The 3010-GKWK1 chamber can be controlled by the GFS-3000 or by a laptop using an optional interface. In both configurations, the 3010-GKWK1 chamber requires its own power supply.



 Chamber consisting of an aluminum cooling block with two pneumatic connectors and transversal fan, flat polymer lid or user-designed cuvette; micro-processor controlled electronics with connectors for temperature sensors, humidity sensor, PAR-sensors, GFS-3000 or 3010-I/GWK connection, power-input; cooled with Peltier-cooling units and ventilator

Measurement of chamber and ambient temperatures:

 Pt 100 type A, range -10 to 50 °C, accuracy ±0.1 °C

Leaf temp. measurement:

 Thermocouple, range: -10 to 50 °C, accuracy ±0.2 °C

Temperature control:

 Three modes of temperature control: Constant cuvette temperature, constant leaf temperature, follow ambient temperature with an offset

Temperature control range:
-10°C to 50°C depending on ambient temperature and radiative heat intake.
With 4l volume, dark: 10 K below ambient temperature and 25 K above ambient temperature.
With flat lid, dark: 20 K below ambient temperature and 35 K above ambient temperature

Relative humidity sensor: 

Range: 0 to 100% r.h., accuracy: ±1.5% (5 to 95% r.h.), T90 response time (11 to 75% r.h.): <10 s

External miniature quantum sensor:

 Mini Quantum Sensor MQS-B/GWK1 outside of chamber. Selective PAR measurement, range 0 to 2500 μmol m-2 s-1, accuracy ±5%, cosine corrected (measuring photosynthetic photon flux density PPFD)

Internal light sensor:

 Selective PAR measurement, range 0 to 2500 μmol m-2 s-1 PAR, accuracy ±10%, two sensors, one in the upper and one in the lower part of the cuvette

Cuvette ventilation system:

 Transversal fan

Maximum sample area:

 14 cm x 10 cm

Pneumatic connectors:

 Hose fittings for 10/8 mm (OD/ID) tubing

Inner volume of the cooling unit alone:

 840 ml (up to edge of aluminum frame)

Power supply:

 AC Power Supply 3020-N for laboratory operation

Power consumption:

 Max. 45 W

Operating temperature:

 -5 to 45 °C

Dimension of cooling unit:

 26 cm x 25 cm x 19.5 cm (L x W x H)


 6.9 kg including cables and tubes



 Flat lid (inside: 16 cm x 14.5 cm, outside: 18.5 cm x 17 cm, volume: 320 ml)

Other design:

 Available on customer request

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