Moisture Meter for Pellets PEL-20





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The Sensor measures: Pellet Moisture

Moisture meter PEL-20 is designed for approximate measurements of moisture contents in pellets made of:

  • sawdust, scobs, wood shavings,
  • hay and straw,
  • dried fruit waste,
  • fragmented waste paper,
  • sunflower hull,
  • buckwheat hull, bran, chaff,
  • sunflower and corn stem,
  • ground grain,
  • rape and soy oilseed cake.

It can be used for preliminary measurements of moisture contents of pellets delivered to power stations. As most other moisture meters the PEL-20 measures the resistance of the material. The measurement is done by inserting the electrode into a heap of pellets.

Technical data
Range 10 % - 20 %
Resolution 0.1 %
Temperature range 0°C - 50°C
Electrode ϕ 10x1000 mm
Display LCD
Power 1 * 12V (battery 23A)
Battery life 10'000 measurements
Low battery warning yes
Auto power off yes, after 10 min.
Weight 0.7 kG
Size 60x50x1000 (1500) mm

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