Aqualyzer® 9065 Dissolved Oxygen Analyze




Waltron Dissolved Oxygen Analyzer in Water

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The New Luminescence Oxygen Analyzer 9065 utilizes new luminescent technology for measuring dissolved oxygen in water at ppb levels.

Luminescent Dissolved Oxygen Technology
Luminescent technology has unique features and benefits compared to traditional dissolved oxygen sensing technologies. The 9065 provides high accuracy with excellent long-term stability. The 9065 Dissolved Oxygen Analyzer can be used in a variety of online analysis applications throughout many different industries.

Wide range analysis: 0.10ppb – 2000ppb (other ranges available on request)   No sensor maintenance (no membrane, no electrolyte)
No calibration for up to 2 years   Simple operation
Extremely fast response time   Compact design
No sample interference    
Excellent results independent of sample flow rate    
Use in liquid and gas applications    
High temperature alarm    
Multiple sensor configuration  

Range   0.10ppb – 2000ppb (other ranges available on request)

± +/- (1ppb + 2% of the measured value)

Response Time  

t90 (90%) < 15 sec


ppb, ppm, µg/L, mg/L, % O2, % a.s

Current Outputs  

Two configurable 4-20mA current (analog) outputs

Digital Output   Communication interface using RS-232 and RS-485

General Alarm, Temperature Alarm, Two Concentration Alarms

Response Time   90%of a step change in 60 second
Power   90 – 240 VAC ~ 50 – 60 Hz, 25 W
CE Certification (on request)   Meets low voltage and low electromagnetic compatibility directives
Options   Profibus; multiple sensor configuration; certificate of measurement
Operating Conditions
Sample Temperature   23 – 113°F (-5 – 45°C)
Ambient Temperature   32 – 131°F (0 – 55°C)
Pressure   Maximum of 145 psig (10 bar)
Sample Connection   1/4” (6 mm) Swagelok
Sample Medium   Liquid or gas
Sample Memory   Up to 500 measurements

Transmitter – high strength ABS, IP65 (NEMA 4x)
Wet section – high strength ABS and sheet metal, all wetted parts stainless steel or PVC, IP55 (NEMA 4)

Dimensions   Combined Analyzer: Height=25.75”(65.4 cm), Width=8”(20.3 cm), Depth=6.25”(15.9 cm)
Separated Transmitter: Height=10.92”(27.74 cm), Width=7” (17.78 cm), Depth=7.63”(8.99 cm)
Separated Wet Section: Height = 10.5” (26.7 cm), Width = 4.5” (11.4 cm), Depth = 3.5” (8.9 cm)

Wall mount or Panel mount

Wiring   IP 65 Connections

Up to 49ft (15 meters) on request

Finish   Corrosion resistant

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