HD2114B.2 Pressure & Temperature Meter


Delta Ohm


Handheld Meter for Pressure & Temperature. Includes Data Logger.

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The HD2114B.2 from Delta Ohm is a portable instrument with a large LCD screen. It measures absolute, relative, differential pressure and temperature.

To measure the pressure, an inner modulus of differential type is used with respect to the atmosphere of fixed scale bottom. With the electronic module PP471, which functions as an interface, the instrument can measure with all Delta Ohm probes of the TP704 and TP705 series.
The interior module on the HD2114B.0 and HD2114B.2 models measures the barometric pressure.
The temperature is acquired with immersion, penetration, contact or air probes with the SICRAM module or direct 4-wire connector. The sensor can be Pt100, Pt1000.
The temperature probes, which have the SICRAM connector, are stored in the factory calibration data and are automatically recognized by the instrument when it is switched on.

The instruments HD2114.2, HD2134.2, HD2164.2 and HD2114B.2 are datalogger, store up to 36,000 samples that can be transferred to a computer connected to the instrument through the serial RS232C and USB 2.0 serial port.
From the menu, the preset interval, printout and baud rate are set.
All models have an RS232C serial port that allows real-time measurements to be transferred to a computer and a portable printer.
The Max, Min and Avg function calculates the maximum, minimum and average values. The Peak function, which can be activated with the external probes connected to the PP471 module, detects the presence of pressure peaks.
Other functions are: REL relative measurement, HOLD function and excl.
The instruments have IP67 degree of protection.

  • It comes with carrying case, instruction manual, 4 batteries and DeltaLog9 Software.
    The sensors and data transfer cables are supplied separately.
    All TP47xx probes/sensors are compatible.


Dimensions: (Length x Width x Height) 185x90x40 mm
Weight: 470g (complete with Batteries)
Materials ABS, rubber
 2x4½ dígitos más símbolos, Área visible: 52x42 mm

Working Conditios

Temperatura de trabajo: -5 … 50°C

Temperatura de almacenamiento -25 … 65°C

Humedad relativa de trabajo 0 …90% RH, sin condensación

Grado de protección IP67

Power Supply:

Baterías 4 baterías 1.5V tipo AA. Autonomía 200 horas con baterías alcalinas de 1800 mAh

Corriente absorbida cuando el instrumento está apagado: 20μA

Adaptador de Red sólo para los modelos HD21...4.2: Adaptador de red salida 12Vdc / 1000mA

Unidades de medida °C - °F - Pa - hPa - kPa - mbar - bar - atm - mmHg - mmH2O - kgf/cm2 - PSI inchHg

Seguridad de los datos guardados ilimitada, independiente de las condiciones de carga de las baterías

Time: Date & Time in real time

Precisión 1 min/mes deviación máx.

Memorización de los valores medidos – modelos HD21...4.2:
Tipo 2000 páginas de 18 muestras
Cantidad 36000 muestras (presión - temperatura)
Intervalo de memorización 1 s … 3600 s (1 hora)

Interface serial RS232C - modelos HD21...4.2
Tipo RS232C aislada galvánicamente
Baud rate configurable de 1200 a 38400 baud. Bit de datos: 8
Paridad Ninguna. Bit de arrastre 1
Control del flujo Xon/Xoff
Longitud del cable serial Máx. 15 m
Intervalo de impresión inmediata 1 s … 3600 s (1 hora)

Interface USB – modelos HD21...4.2
Tipo 1.1 - 2.0 aislada galvánicamente

Entradas módulos para sondas 2 enchufe para tubos, Ø 5 mm
Interfaz serial y USB – modelos HD21...4.2 Conector 8 poles MiniDin
Adaptador de red – modelos HD21...4.2 Conector 2 polos (positivo en el centro)

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