HD2305.0 Portable pH Meter (-2.000 ÷ +19.000pH)


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The HD2305.0 is a portable ph meter with a large LCD display. It measures the pH and the redox potential (ORP) in mV. It measures the temperature using Pt100 or Pt1000 immersion, penetration or contact probes.  The electrode calibration can be carried out on one, two or three points at 4.01pH, 6.86pH and 9.18pH. 
The temperature probes are fitted with an automatic detection module, with the factory calibration settings
already being memorized inside.

  • Measurement of pH by Instrument
    Measurement range -2.000 - +19.999pH
    Resolution 0.01
    Accuracy ±0.01pH ±1 digit
    Input impedance  >1012Ω 
    Calibration error  @25°C  - Offset - >20mV 
    Slope<50mV/pH or Slope>63mV/pH 
    Sensitivity < 85% or Sensitivity > 106.5% 
    Measurement of mV by Instrument 
    Measurement range  -1999.9 - +1,999.9mV 
    Resolution 0.1mV
    Accuracy  ±0.1mV 
    Drift after 1 year  0.5mV/year 
    Measurement of temperature by Instrument 
    Pt100 measurement range  -200 - +650°C 
    Pt1000 measurement range   -200 - +650°C 
    Resolution  0.1°C 
    Accuracy   ±0.1°C 
    Drift after 1 year   0.1°C/year 

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