ETKD/ETWD Single Jet Dry Dial Water Flow Meter for Hot and Cold Water



Available with Optional Pulse Emitter Cable: CEP

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The Sensor measures: Water Flow
Output Signal: Pulses
Cable Length: 1.5 meters
Sensor for use in: Outdoor

The ETKD/ETWD is a dry dial single jet meter designed to measure hot and cold water consumption. Available in three clock variants, it stands out for its compact design that allows easy adaptation to various installation situations thanks to its low height.

     ETKD-M / ETWD-M:
         Single jet counter with 8-digit modular clocking.
         Protected magnetic transmission to ensure accuracy.

         Single jet meter with 8-digit copper/glass modular clocking (IP68).
         Protected magnetic transmission and protective cap.
         Modulator disk allows electronic scanning without feedback.
         Possibility of remote data reading by radio with LoRaWAN® or wM-Bus.
         Combined M-Bus/pulse module option.

     ETKD-N / ETWD-N:
         Equipped with 7 or 8 digit clock and protected magnetic transmission.
         It can be equipped with a mechanical pulse transmitter (reed) at any time.

         Single jet counter with 7 or 8 roller modular clocking and protected magnetic coupling.
         Reed type pulse transmitter pre-installed at the factory.

All materials used in the drinking water section comply with the current German drinking water standards, guidelines and approvals. Specific drinking water approvals from other countries are available upon request. These meters ensure reliable data reading for individual consumption billing and are versatile for various water metering applications.


The optional Pulse Emitter Cable allows use of data loggers or other electronic pulse counting devices.


Optional CEP 1.5 meter Cable with Pulse Emitter (1Litre/Pulse) for use with external data loggers.

Product Features

Caudal Permanente Q3 (≈ Qn)
  • Q3=2,5 (≈ Qn 1,5)
  • Q3=4 (≈ Qn 2,5)
Diámetro nominal (pugada)
  • 1/2 "
  • 3/4 "
Diámetro nominal DN (mm)
  • DN 15
  • DN 20
  • Indicador de metros cúbicos (m³)
Longitud contador sin racores
  • 80 mm
  • 110 mm
  • 130 mm
Material del cuerpo
  • Latón
Opciones adicionales
  • Anillo-Anti-Imanes
  • Bolsa de sal (Antifog)
  • Cápsula de protección
  • Disco Modulador
  • Envas de cobre (IP 68)
  • Nano-cubrimiento (Antifog)
  • Opción limpia brisas (Antifog)
Opciones para la lectura remota
  • Emisor de impulsos (electrónico)
  • Emisor de impulsos (reed)
  • M-Bus
  • Radio vía sistema M-Bus inalámbricos
Presión de servicio (max.)
  • MAP 16
Principio de medición
  • Medidores de chorro único
  • Esfera seca
Temperatura máxima
  • Agua fría 50° C
  • Agua caliente 90° C

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