Combined EDC module M-bus and pulses, EDC-C




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The EDC communication module is a module for water meters pre-equipped for reading at a safe distance to integrate water meters into pulse, M-bus or radio (wireless M-bus) « Smart-Metering » systems.

     The electronic scanning EDC (Electronic Data Capture) communication module is valid for all ZENNER meters pre-equipped with a modulator disc –inductive sensor-, and allows safe remote reading and integration of meters into “Smart-Metering” measurement systems .

     The EDC module has been developed to:

     ETKD / ETWD single-shot and dry ball counters
     MTKD/MTWD multiple flow and dry ball counters
     Volumetric counters[nbsp]RTKD
     Woltman WPD/ WPHD / WSD counters


     Wireless M-Bus radio module according to EN 13757-4 (868 MHz)
     LPWAN radio module for LoRaWAN®
     M-Bus module (wired), EN 13757-3
     Pulse module with forward and return detection
     Combined M-Bus and pulse module

Typical applications:

     Wireless reading of water meters using “walk-by” or “drive-by” methods
     Wireless reading through LPWA networks (LoRaWAN®)
     Remote meter reading using M-Bus systems
     Remote meter reading using a GSM module
     Wireless transmission of data from meters to mobile or stationary receivers
     Liquid dosing in the industrial/commercial sectors
     Visualization of flow and consumption, for example using a pulse module or measurement transducer

The water meter can be equipped with an EDC module assembled from the factory or supplied separately for later assembly.

You can configure the EDC radio module (wM-Bus or LoRaWAN® ®, for example, in case of retrofitting, illuminating the infrared interface or using the ZENNER IrCombiHead infrared optical header, the MinoConnect universal interface (USB or Bluetooth) and the MSS configuration software or the ZENNER Device Manager Basic app.

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