MRC LAb STE-V Vertical Pressure Steam Autoclave





Mainly suitable for sterilizing liquids, media and utensils, in biotechnology, agriculture and food laboratories.

In volumes of 60 liters and 80 liters.
Microcomputer control.
Sterilization temperature: 105 ° C-136 ° C
Strilization time: 0-99 minutes
Dynamic LCD screen.
Faster sterilization process.
Activation is easy and convenient to use

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Instrument for: Hospitals, Lab's, Clinics
Function: Autoclave

  Microcomputer control technique. touch-key. LCD display the menu.
 Automatic control over the processes of filling water, heating, sterilization, steam exhaust and dryness.
 There are equipped with dressing, instrument, rubber, culture medium sterilization and keep warm. Culture medium and keep warm programs for customer’s choice.
 Process, temperature, time dynamic LCD displayed, Fault automatic displayed and alarm.
 Positive pressure pulse function exhaust cool air of chamber thoroughly and ensure the steam saturation.
 Rapid and slow exhaust steam Automatic control function, It avoids liquid overflow while sterilization.
 Automatic maintenance function, The program will he continued when the power connection again.
 The buzzer alarms when a cycle of operation is completed.
 Preheating control function.
 Built-in water tank. Steam and water circulation system. No external water source. No exhaust steam outside. Environment is clean and dry.
 Horizontal sliding door, self- bulge seal ring. Operated easily.
 Printer option available

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