LHA-H11 Horizontal Laboratory Autoclave Frontal Loading (200 L/ 134 °C)




Horizontal Laboratory autoclave LHA-H11 is a 200 Liters capacity easy to use front loading microprocessor controlled autoclave, with a sterilizing temperature of 134 °With 0.22 MPa of pressure, these come fitted with safety valve, steam release valve, pressure gauge and drying function.

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Automatic power and water cut off with an alarming indicator when there is lack of water makes this autoclave safe and reliable to use
Used to sterilize culture media, instruments, dressings, intravenous equipments, rubber closure of glass equipments used in aseptic techniques and numerous objects that can withstand high temperature and pressure
  • Digital LCD display to monitor working status and parameters
  • Working pressure : 0.22 MPa
  • Working temperature : 134 ℃
  • Automated drying function
  • Door lock feature : Door cannot be opened till the pressure inside the chamber doesn’t fall to 0.027 MPa
  • Self-inflating leak proof chamber
  • Safe door lock system ensuring safety / protection during sterilization
  • Automatic power cut off with alarm with low water levels indication

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