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SpecWare 9 Pro Software

Award-winning SpecWare software delivers crucial information to growers and researchers in an easy-to-use interface. Import data files from other applications and plot graphs quickly and easily. Set sensor alarms that call your phone or pager for frost, rainfall and other conditions.  Customize and save your important reports. Spec 9 Pro and Spec 9 Basic are powerful tools for growers, researchers or other users that need the best data at the right time.

Includes CD, PC interface cable and manual. Requires Windows 98 or later, CD-ROM drive, and one free USB port. The included PC interface cable is USB to 3.5 mm Stereo Pin (item 3661U). This eliminates the need for a USB to Serial Adapter.

  • Enter the adjustment values for calibrated sensors, and Spec 9 Pro will apply them before saving the data.
  • Graph on-the-fly with an interactive graphing window.
  • Build, customize and save your most important report formats or choose from thirteen standard reports.
  • Add optional insect and disease models to forecast pest pressures and reduce pesticide costs. Produce reports with graphs for each pest.
  • Set a frost alarm that will call your mobile phone or pager at frost temperatures or other sensor conditions.
  •  Automate logger downloads with wireless or directly connected stations. Generate scheduled log files for data-to-web applications or create an XML file that can be posted on the web.
  • Find and use data easily with an open file management system. All logger data is stored in one file per month, simplifying data sharing and exporting.
  • Import data files from other applications.
  • International features include handling date, time and numbers with regional formats, setting English or other languages, and Metric or US measurements.
  • SpecWare 9 software is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, and 7.

View Data: On-demand graphing
Manage Data: Download data from SpectrumWeather, Calibration adjustment, Automatic data append, Single file per logger, International data format, Log option for web uploads
Reports: Standard Reports, Custom Reports, Sensor (frost) alarm, “Pest Alert” report models (OPT)
Communications: Direct connect or modem, Wireless capability, Dial up modem, Auto download
Supported Products: 2000 Series Stations, 1000 Series Micro Stations, Original Stations & Loggers

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