RS1-SILITRACE Monitoring system for measurement of silica in Water/Steam cycles and Ultra-Pure Water




RS1 - SILITRACE - Colorimetric Analyzer
Autonomous monitoring system for automatic and continuous measurement of silica in the Water/Steam cycles and Ultra-Pure Water.

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Type of Instrument Analyzer for Water
The instrument measures: Silica in water

Designed for ease-of-use, simply connect the sample inlet and outlet, reagent, waste lines and power up the analyzer. Information and  ustomization options are easily accessible via the 7¨ intuitive touch screen display and user-friendly software.
The RS1 provides operators with a real-time indication of actual process conditions. Revolutionary technology and innovative design for sample and reagents management.

- The RS1 performs fully automated colorimetric measurements in a process setting utilizing up to three reagents.
- Programable automatic calibration with selfreferencing feature.
- Programable automatic cleaning cycle and long-life LED minimizes  required maintenance.
- 7” intuitive touch screen display with easy-to use software allows users to calibrate and view data.
- Dual compartment enclosure ensures complete separation between electronics, sample and reagents.
- Standard data outputs include MODBUS, 4-20mA and USB.
- Robust and reliable. Designed for industrial and environmental on line applications ensure the highest level of robustness in the electronics, mechanics and hydraulics components.
- Innovative sample and reagents management design based on a revolutionary technology by injecting reagents without peristaltic pumps or pressurized gas, thus reducing operating costs and maintenance needs to a minimum, and a reliable, accurate and worry-free measurement. reagent consumptions for a more economical and environmentally friendly measurement.

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