2410 Oil-In-Water Monitor




The Waltron 2410 Oil-in-Water Analyzer is a state-of-the-art instrumentation package developed specifically to measure the amount of hydrocarbons in clean water.

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- WATER QUALITY - Oil in Water

The 2410 has many uses and will fit a large variety of applications.

The 2410 Oil-in-Water Analyzer utilizes optical sensors to measure absorbed and scattered light in a sample stream. The measurement distinguishes between oil droplets and turbidity. A microprocessor calculates the ppm oil concentration based on the sensor signal. The 2410 Oil-in-Water Analyzermeasures the concentration of oil continuously and activates alarms and relays as necessary.

Applications include: boiler condensate returns, process cooling water, process steam monitoring and wastewater.

• Compact design   • Minimal maintenance required
• Calibrates directly to clean water   • Automatic operation
• Wide range analysis: 1 – 99 ppm    
• Automatic and continuous self diagnostics    
• Turbidity compensation    
• Rapid Response
Range   1 – 99 ppm
Accuracy   ± 2 ppm
Calibration   Calibrates directly to clean water
Current Outputs   0 – 20mA, 4 – 20mA (820 max load); 0 – 5VDC, 1 – 5VDC (50kW min. load)
Alarms   Two adjustable operating delay alarms (0 – 60 sec, 10 – 240 sec); contacting rating 8A @ 240V
Power   230/115VAC or 24VAC, 50/60Hz; consumption 10VA max
CE Certification 
(on request)
  Meets low voltage and low electromagnetic compatibility directives
Electrical Installation   EN61010-1EC664 category 11
Operating Conditions
Sample Flow   0.03 – 0.53 gal/min (0.1 – 2.0 liter/min)
Sample Temperature   33.8 – 104° F (1 – 40°C)
Ambient Temperature   33.8 – 131° F (1 – 55°C)
Pressure   1.45 – 145 psig (0.1 – 10 bar) 90% RH Max @ 131° F (55°C)
Humidity   90% RH Max @ 55°C
Construction   Meets IP55
Dimensions   Height=8.465” (215mm);Width=9.52” (242mm); Depth=2.874” (73mm)
Weight   4.96 lbs (2.25 kg)

Corrosion resistant


Boiler Condensate Returns:

When low pressure steam is used to preheat fuel oil, any tiny leak in the heater can allow traces of the fuel oil to contaminate the condensate. The oil returns to the boiler with the feedwater. Over time, even small amounts of oil will accumulate on heat transfer surfaces causing overheating of the boiler tubes. This results in lost efficiency and in some cases failure of boiler tubes. The oil may react with the boiler treatment chemicals to cause foaming and carryover. If leakage occurs, the Model 2410 provides warning before damage occurs.
Process Cooling Water:

When a process stream containing oil is cooled, if there is a leak in the cooler, oil can contaminate the cooling water stream. Contamination can result in both pollution of the environment and loss of product. The oil-in-water monitor lets the operator know if oil gets into the cooling water.
Process Stream Monitoring:

Edible oil processing plants may use steam to aid in the extraction of oil. Regardless of whether the condensate is recycled to the boiler or sent to waste, all traces of oil must first be removed. The Model 2410 monitors the effectiveness of the separation process.
Waste Water:

Treated wastewater from oil-handling facilities can be monitored to assure that treatment processes are effective.

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