Quantichem® 9071C Hydrazine Analyzer

Quantichem® 9071C



WaltronHydrazine Analyzer

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The Waltron Quantichem® 9071C Hydrazine Analyzer is the most advanced hydrazine instrument specifically developed for use in continuous measurement and determination of hydrazine concentration in boiler feedwater.

Common Hydrazine Analyzer application points in a boiler system for online hydrazine measurement include: deaerator, condensate system and boiler feedwater.

Wide analysis range: 0.01ppb-1ppm   Low reagent and standard consumption
Low maintenance   Minimal maintenance required
Very low reagent and standard consumption to be changed only every two months   Automatic operation
No change of diffusion tubing    
Automatic range selection    
Process calibration – calibrate to sample    
Two 4-20 mA isolated current outputs    
Protection of sensor from “Hot Sample”    
Automatic temperature compensation    
Automatically stores last 10 calibrations and alarm logs    
Rechargeable hydrazine cell


Range   0.01 - 1ppm
Accuracy   ± 5% of reading or ± 2ppb,whichever is greater for concentrations up to 500ppb. 10% or better for concentrations above 500ppb
Stability   ± 5% of reading or ± 2ppb per week,whichever is greater
Response Time  

90% of a step change in less than 3 minutes

Temperature Compensation   Automatic, reduces sample temperature error to less than 0.5% of reading per degree C

pH Compensation


Buffer continuously induced into sample flow – Ammonium Hydroxide 0.88 SG (28% to 30% NH3)


Manual calibration

Current Outputs   Two isolated 4-20mA current (analog) outputs
Digital Outputs   Communication interface via RS-232 & RS-485 using MODBUS RTU protocol

Three voltage-free contacts, alarm points set from transmitter rated at 2A, 250VAC (non-inductive)

Power   Wide range of input power supply 90VAC – 250VAC
CE Certification (on request)   Meets low voltage and low electromagnetic compatibility directives
Operating Conditions
Sample   Temperature: 41 – 131° F (5 – 55° C); Flow 150 – 400 ml/min
Ambient Temperature   32 – 131° F (0 – 55° C)
Pressure   5 – 30 psig (0.35 – 2.07 bar)
Composition   Sample should be filtered to 60 microns, free of film forming compounds
Construction   Transmitter – high strength ABS,IP65 (NEMA 4x) 
Wet section – high strength ABS and sheet metal,all wetted parts stainless steel or PVC, IP55 (NEMA 4)

Transmitter:Height = 10.92” (27.74 cm), Width = 7” (17.78 cm), Depth = 3.54” (8.99 cm) 
Wet Section:Height = 18.25” (46.36 cm) including drain, Width = 11.25”(28.58 cm),Depth=7.63”(19.38 cm)

Mounting   Four key-style holes: Height = 0.86” (2.18 cm), Top Width = 0.281” (0.714 cm), Radius = 0.28” (0.711 cm) Horizontal:9” (22.86 cm), Vertical:12.875” (32.70 cm)
Weight   23 lbs. (10.44 kg)
Wiring   Eight (8) conduit knockouts

Sample Inlet: 1/4' (0.635 cm) OD Swagelokt®, Drain:3/8' (0.953 cm) OD tube

Distance   Up to 325 feet (100 meters) on request
Finish   Corrosion resistant

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