SC-900 FieldScout Digital Soil Compaction Meter (Digital Penetrometer)


Spectrum Technologies


Soil compaction prevents moisture penetration, reduces fertilizer and chemical uptake and hinders plant root growth. In some cases, yield losses can run as high as 30% due to compaction. This electronic soil compaction meter is the most versatile compaction meter on the market.
Soil depth readings are determined by a sonic depth sensor.
Cone index values are measured by a load cell sensor and can be displayed in PSI or kPa.

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Type of Instrument Penetrometer/Compactometer
The Sensor measures: Soil Compaction

The main source of yield loss in agriculture, soil compaction, prevent the penetration of moisture, reduces the use of chemical fertilizers and hinders the growth of the root of plants.

That is why the soil compaction meter Fieldscout SC900 measures and records your soil compaction in digital form quickly and effectively. Sometimes, the loss of performance due to compaction can reach 30.

This digital penetrometer is an easy and powerful instrument to measure, record, and analyze the compaction of the soil in their fields.

A unique sonic depth sensor provides readings of the depth in increments of 2, 5cm and a load cell measures the resistance to penetration.

The data of compaction is read digitally in PSI, or kPa. A recorder built-in datalogger tip eliminates the need to manually register data.

Compatible with GPS for mapping of compaction. (Not included)

Measurement Units: Cone Index (PSI or kPa)

Resolution: 1 in (2.5 cm), 5 PSI (35 kPa)

Accuracy: ± 0.5 in (1.25 cm) Depth, ±15 PSI (103 kPa) Pressure

Range: 0 to18 in (0 to 45 cm), 0 to 1,000 PSI (0 to 7,000 kPa)

Battery/Life: 4 AAA alkaline batteries; approximately 12-month life

Data Logger Capacity: 772 profiles without GPS; 579 profiles with GPS

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