3412 LightScout Red/Far Red Meter


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Knowing the ratio of red to far red can help you determine plant spacing and decide when to apply plant growth regulators. Greenhouses with a high canopy closure or canopy density may require more applications of plant growth regulators to maintain plants at commercial size.

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Plants absorb red light (660–680nm) and reflect far-red light (720–740nm). Plants contain phytochromes, photoreceptors that control physiological and developmental reactions to fluctuations levels of red and far-red light. Some responses that are regulated by phytochromes include germination, stem elongation, flowering, gene expression as well as leaf and chloroplast development.

The Field Scout Red / Far Red Meter is accurate to ±5%.
Red light is measured at 660nm, 40nm FWHM (±20nm).
Far Red light is measured at 730nm, 30nm FWHM (±15nm)

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