MO-200 Apogee Oxigen Handheld Meter


Apogee Instruments


The MO-200 is a a hand-held meter that displays and stores oxygen measurements.

It is designed to measure 0 to 100 % oxygen and it is connected to an O2 sensor cable.

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The Sensor measures: O₂
Cable Length: 2m

Apogee MO-200 handheld Oxigen meter.
This meter is useful for monitoring soil respiration, aeration, and gaseous O2 levels in laboratory studies.

It has a galvanic cell sensor with a lead anode, a gold cathode, an acid electrolyte and a Teflon membrane.
The current flow between the electrodes is proportional to the oxygen concentration being measured.
An internal bridge resistor is used to provide a millivolt output.
Being a galvanic cell type sensor, a small amount of oxygen is consumed in the reaction in order to produce the current flow and subsequent mV output.
The oxygen consumption was measured to be 2.2 micromols (μmol) O2 per day when the O2 concentration was 20.95% (3240 mmol) at 23 degrees Celsius.
Available optional head accessories: diffuser head and feed-through head (see Accessories).

• 99 manually stored data points
• Automatically store 99 consecutive 30 minute averages
• 99 daily averages

• 5 to 100% O2

Response Time
• 14 seconds

• < 0.02% O2 drift per day

• ± 0.001% O2 (10 ppm)

• 4.2 by 2.8 cm

Input Power
• Standard 3 V coin cell battery

Operating Environment
• 0 to 50º C
• < 90% non-condensing relative humidity up to 30º C
• < 70% relative humidity from 30 to 60º C
• 60 to 150 kPa

Gas Effect
• CO2, CO, NO, NO2, H2S, H2, CH4 - No effect
• NH3, HCI, C6H6 (Benzene) - <1%

Diffusion Head
• 3.5 cm tall by 3.5 cm diameter
• 125 mesh screen
• Creates air pocket

• 2 meters of twisted-pair wire
• Foil shield
• Santoprene jacket
• Longer cable lengths are available in multiples of 5 meters

• Meter: 80 g
• Sensor and wire: 175 g

Flow-Through Head
• 3.2 cm long by 3.2 cm diameter
• 1/8' barbed adapters
• For hose connections

• 1 year against defects in materials and workmanship

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