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CTXL Portable Universal Graphic Recorder




  • Recorder graphical cicular of large-scale of 200 mm (8)
  • Registration of 1-, 7-, or 32 days
  • Reading LCD with backlight easy-to-read dual channel
  • Convenient front panel programacionoperacion
  • Monitor values min.max.medios
  • Alarm audiblesvisuales altasbajas
  • Double high alarm, outputs voltage of double low alarm relays
  • Graphics of two sides with magnetic mount bushing
  • Assembly for table or wall with built-in graphic lamps
  • Works with 4 batteries D or universal AC adapter
  • Includes software for computer for data logging

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Circular graphic series OMEGA CTXL recorders combine form and function in a Registrar's circular graphic of two channels easy to use with a graphic large 200 mm (8) diameter and LCD reading of dual channel. Depending on the application, the CTXL is available to measure humidity and ambient temperature (with a wireless option available capable of reaching up to 90 m (300) (line of sight), dual thermocouple, double process (1 V, 5 V, 10 V or 04 to 20 mA) or pHtemperatura.)
The CTXL has a reading of custom LCD displays the current values of both channels, which can also indicate the input values minimums, maximums, or media. The display also indicates the speed graphic (1-, 7-, or 32 days), the State of the battery, high and low alarm indication, State of blocking the keypad and life of the battery.
The CTXL extra features include: double relay with closures of contact for alarms high and dual voltage for alarms low to boost external relays outputs. A built-in audible also informs the user about an alarm condition. A hidden key (white box) can block unauthorized access the front keypad, which prevents changes in the configuration of the recorder.
The CTXL casing resistant ABS, suitable for industrial environments, but is also designed to adapt to other environments such as museums, art galleries, rooms information, laboratories, clean rooms or even hospitals. The CTXL is designed to work with mounting both table and wall; a convenient swivel base that is not impaired and is kept hidden by a decorative foot cover for wall mounting.
Each unit includes 120 assorted graphics on both sides, 2 sets of pens, extra to the graph, universal AC adapter, 4 alkaline D cell batteries, adapter and light cable RS232, CD software, operator's manual and wall mounting kit. CTXL-TRH models also provide probe sensor and restraint, as well as an extension cord of 1.8 m (6) for the probe.

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