Munro AW800TGRF4P Anaerobic Chamber, 4 Gloves, 800 Petri Dishes


Munro Instruments


Anaerobic Chamber/Workstation:
This AW800TGRF4P Anaerobic Workstation is the largest workstation in our Electrotek range.
One of the principal advantages of this unit is that despite its large capacity, it only occupies a modest amount of bench area.
The workstation is very economical to run, as two gas supplies are used.

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Instrument for: Hospitals, Lab's, Clinics
Function: Anaerobic Chambers

The AW800TGRF4P will comfortably incubate up to 800 Petri dishes and comes complete with catalyst and plate holders.

 4 Gloves

 800 Petri dishes

Glove Free Operation:
Our unique bare hand method is very simple to operate; air tight seals fit around the users wrists as shown and the anaerobic atmosphere is maintained.
The design eliminates the use of footswitches and gets rid of the large internal port bungs giving much more working room within the incubator.
This system is also very economic on gas usage.

Incubation Capacity:     800 Petri Dishes
Interlock Capacity:     100 Petri Dishes
Dual Gas Supply:
1) Mixed Gas 10% H2 + 10% CO2 +80% N2 (Flushing and incubation)
2) N2 (Flushing only)

Electrical Supply:     240V.A.C., 50Hz, 500W
Temperature Range:     Ambient + 4°C to 42°C
Temperature Stability:     ±0.5°C @ 37°C
Overall Dimensions:     W=2064mm, D=660mm, H=660mm

MUNRO-Anaerobic Work Stations for Microbial Laboratories.
MUNRO INSTRUMENTS, a UK-based manufacturer of high-quality anaerobic chambers for microbial laboratories in Hospitals, Institutes and Universtities.

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