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Field of use: general science and chemistry, FC engineering

Education grades: university/vocational training


Package suitable for a first level of engineering training on fuel cells and fuel cell systems with hands-on experimentation. The included ClearPak fuel cell delivers high current densities with a realistic thermal response. Water management inside the cell is clearly visible. Pack enables the control of fuel cell performances through the complete balance-of-plant system.


Key features


- High performance, large fuel cell

- See-through fuel cell to observe water by-product of reaction

- Realistic flow field design. The fuel cell behaves like a real industrial FC.

- Sturdy design

- Take apart fuel cell and system that can be assembled by students

- Easy experiment setup


Recommended for fuel cell general science, chemistry, electrochemistry, fluid dynamics, thermodynamics, and electric education/training courses.

Package includes


- Take apart forced flow fuel cell with serpentine flow field design

- Fuel cell core

- e-Load box with current and voltage measurement

- Rechargeable hydrogen canister (solid storage)

- Manual purge valve

- Air pump with variable flowmeter

- Torque screwdriver and flat wrench

- Cables and tubing

- 24V power supply

- Teaching material

- Robust suitcase packaging



- Building a fuel cell and a fuel cell circuit

- Understanding the fuel cell system and how it is controlled

- Plotting characteristic curves at various operating conditions

- Understanding energy conversion and efficiency calculation

- Measuring the effect of catalyst loading

- Measuring and analyzing the effect of fuel cell core compression

- Understanding the effect of H2 purging on performances and fuel management

- Measuring the effect of air stoichiometry on FC behavior

- Observing the water production and evacuation in the flowfield

- Observing water liquid/vapor phase changing in the fuel cell and understanding dew point physics

- Controlling the fuel cell output in current and voltage

- Understanding fuel cell efficiency vs. system efficiency

Technical specifications


Fuel cell core: 25cm² active area

Fuel cell: 7W / 15.5A at 0.4V

Max temperature: 70°C (158°F)

H2 storage: 10NL

Air pump: 0.2-1.2sL/min

Cables: 50cm each

Torque screwdriver: 0.8-2Nm

E-load: 20A, 1.2V

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