ACP2E09 WaveDriver D-Shell to Mini-USB with Reference Breakout Cable


Pine Research


D-shell connector to mini-USB style plug, reference electrode broken into external white wire with barrel connector, for use with external reference electrode and for use with WaveDriver 10 and WaveDriver 20

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Cell cable to connect the WaveDriver 10 or 20 Potentiostat/Galvanostat to one of Pine Research's Compact Voltammetry Cell Kits or the Honeycomb Spectroelectrochemistry Cell Kit.
The cable has a D-shell connector on one end to connect to the cell cable port of the WaveDriver and terminates in a mini-USB style plug to the screen-printed electrode. The reference electrode connection is broken out as a separate (white) socket connection. This socket can form a "pin and socket" connection with the pin found on the end of miniature reference electrodes offered by Pine Research. The cable length is shielded.