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LP Silicon-PYRA 04 Pyranometer

LP Silicon-PYRA 04

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The LP Silicon-PYRA 04. pyranometer measures the global solar radiation (W/
m2) by using a silicon photodiode (400nm-1100nm).
The special geometry and the diffuser allow to have a pyranometer field of view
of 180 degrees according to cosine law.
The pyranometer is suitable for the measurement of natural sunlight. Under
conditions of overcast sky or measures reflected light is recommended to use a
thermopile pyranometer (model LP PYRA 03 or LP PYRA 02).
The LP Silicon-PYRA 04 pyranometer can be used in measurements of solar
radiation in the field of renewable energies such as solar thermal and solar

 Typical sensitivity: 20 μV/(W/m2)
Measuring field: 0-2000 W/m2
Spectral range: 400nm-1100nm
Response time: <0.5 s
Nonlinearity: <1%
Stability: <± 2% per year
Temperature drift: <±0.15%/ °C
Calibration uncertainty: <3%
Response according to the ±3% for
cosine law: angles between 0° - 75°
Working temperature: -40°C + 65°C
Impedance output: 25 Ω

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