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At AlphaOmega-Electronics you will find the best range of Fuel Cell Test Systemand at the most competitive prices.



The EL20W-U is perfectly suited for testing fuel cells and battery cells up to 3 cells connected in series.
Designed for efficiency and fast setup, the EL20W-U connects to a PC as standard configuration through USB cable. All controls are achieved with the user-friendly software interface. The included EZ-Chem software allows a rapid grasp of the main functionalities and fast setup of experiments by new users.

One of the key functions is the cell temperature monitoring integrated to the eLoad. The inclusion of cell temperature measurement together with voltage and current in the same data log makes the EL20W-U ideal for fuel cell and battery testing.
Test data is displayed in real time through convenient graphs and numerical values. Test runs can be set by changing the parameters on-the-fly or by sequence programming. The user has a choice of ramps, steps or automatic polarization curves to set long runs with advanced cycling.

Multiple loads can be connected to a single PC in order to minimize test environment footprint and investments.
The EZ-Chem software is regularly updated with new functionalities that come free for all EL20W-U owners.


decriptionKey features 

• Compact design
• Integrated temperatures measurement
• Up to 3 cells in series
• Evolution capable PC software with regular updates release
• User friendly software interface
• Cost-efficient solution for parallel testing

decriptionTechnical Specifications 

Control modes Constant current, constant voltage
Nbr of indepedent temperature channels 3
Nbr of independent voltage channels 3
Voltage range per channel 0 … 1.6V
Total power range 0 … 20W
Sampling rate 1kHz max
Max number of cells connected in series 3
PC connection USB 2.0
Main power 110V – 240VAC single phase
Main current terminal to fuel cell Flat connector with screw for 5mm eyelet
Individual voltage sense line terminal BNC plug
Invididual temperature terminals 4mm jack (suitable for ClearPak cells)
Control Digital command through software interface
Securities Over temperature, over power

decriptionPackage includes: 
• 20W eLoad
• USB cable
• Main power supply cable
• Power cable to connect cell terminals
• One voltage sense line with BNC plug
• EZ-Chem PC software
• User guide