LEOS-A10 Ethylene Oxide Sterilizer (Chamber dimension: 820 × 510 × 460 mm) View larger

LEOS-A10 Ethylene Oxide Sterilizer (Chamber Dimension: 820 × 510 × 460 mm)




  • Scope of application: medicine, laboratory
  • Sterilization procedure: steam
  • Configuration: horizontal
  • Other features: stainless steel
  • Temperature range: 139 ° C (282.2 ° F)
  • Capacity: 250 l (66 gal)

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The LEOS-A10 Labtron Ethylene Oxide Sterilizer is a highly efficient and superior quality autoclave that allows the complete sterilization of media, liquids and wastes to be disposed of.

Horizontal single door double layer structure composed of SUS30408 or SUS31608 stainless steel from inside and brushed decorative sheet from outside
Designed with motorized door or sliding door with pneumatic sealing to prevent loss of sterile steam
Comprises of Siemens PLC and Siemens touch screen
The operating system is divided into three levels: Supervisor, Technician and Operator.
Provision to record and print all the technical values and alarms
Door gets locked in case pressure of inner chamber is higher than the safety pressure
Equipped with sealing door which prevents opening of door when the program is running.

Chamber dimension: 820 × 510 × 460 mm
Sterilization cabinet dimension: 1080 × 800 × 1710 mm
Sterilization room material: 304 anti-corrosion type stainless
Outer box material: Carbon steel (thickness 1.8 mm) baked
plastic powder
Work pressure: -60 kPa
Vacuum speed: -60 kPa in 5 mins
Maximum working pressure: -140 kPa
Humidity: 45 to 75 % RH
Operating temperature: 50OC ± 3OC
Gas selection: Pure EO gas(100% EO)
Sterilization time: 0 to 99 hours, adjustable
Air exchange: Automatic ventilation system, cycle ventilation
3 times with 30 mins interval
Automatic control system: One button controlled start to
finish whole process automatically with printing record.
Display: LED digital display
Printer: Yes, Micro-Printer to record whole sterilization
Humidity sensor: Built-in humidity sensor
Pressure sensor: Built-in pressure sensor
Temperature sensor: Built-in temperature sensor
Vacuum system: Adapted with oil free vacuum pump
Heating system: Adapting to anti-explosion electric heating
device for more precision and accuracy
Variety of protective function: Over temperature protection
function, residual gas automatic
process system. More secure and reliable.
wearing parts: Sealing gasket ring
Sterilization chamber material: Anti-corrosion type 304
stainless steel
Power: 3.15 kW
Power supply: AC 220 V/50 Hz

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