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LP-80 ACCUPAR ceptometer to measure PAR radiation and estimate LAI



Operating principle:
There are several methods to measure radiation interception in plant covers and establish a relationship with respect to cover size, LAI and current Evapo-transpiration.

The ACCUPAR LP-80 Ceptometer for PAR Radiation measurement and LAI estimation, quickly, simply and easily measures the fraction of photosynthetically active radiation (PAR) intercepted by vegetation.

From the value of the fraction of PAR radiation intercepted, the ACCUPAR LP-80 Ceptometer estimates the Leaf Area Index (LAI).

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The Sensor measures: PAR Light

The ACCUPAR LP-80 is precise, fast and reliable.

The process of calculating the fraction of PAR radiation intercepted and the LAI is automatic, saving labor and time.

LAI calculations are in real time, so you can check if the results reflect the reality of the trial.

The ACCUPAR LP-80 Ceptometer for PAR radiation measurement and LAI estimation allows monitoring the growth of the plant cover, radiation interception.

The ceptometer can record the measurement punctually or automatically for short periods of time.

The equipment incorporates an external PAR sensor, which can be used to measure PAR radiation simultaneously above and below the deck.

Data is collected, stored and can even be downloaded for further analysis. LP-80 incorporates 80 PAR radiation sensors mounted in parallel on a bar.

It is a light device, weighing 0.5 kg.

Applications of the ACCUPAR LP-80 Ceptometer

PAR radiation measurements and LAI estimation in vegetation covers.
Characterization of the structural properties of roofs and use of PAR radiation in plant communities.
Quantification of the fraction of radiation intercepted by the vegetation cover in water use efficiency studies.
Competition studies between crops and weeds.
Modeling of agricultural and forestry systems.

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