DA-130N Portable Density Specific Gravity Meter




Portable Density & Specific Gravity Meter from MRC Lab

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● Sampling volume and speed is single hand controlled.

 (Patent pending)

● Operative either by right or left hand, the cell can be

 viewed during measurement.

● Light weight allows operators to feel tireless in the normal


● Viscous liquid up to ca 2000 mPa*s can be sampled in.

● The display shows density, temperature compensated

 density, specific gravity, temperature compensated

 specific gravity, Brix %, alcohol concentration, sulfuric acid

 concentration, API concentration, Baume degree, Plato

 and Proof degree and the like.

● Graphic LCD can display temperature (°C/°F), sample

 number, auto sensing oscillation stability, auto data

 saving, auto data output, data deletion, battery capacity

 indicator, and the like.

● Life of battery is increased four times more than

 conventional makes, providing much longer operation time.



Measuring method

Natural Oscillation type

Measurement object

Liquid sample test materials


0.0000 ~ 2.0000 g/cm3


±0.001 g/cm3


0.0001 g/cm3

Temperature range

0 ~ 40.0°C

Display contents


Density and Relative gravity (with/without temperature compensated) Brix%, Alcohol wt%, Alcohol vol%, Proof, Baume, Plato, API, %H2SO4, Conc. (set by User), Temperature, Sample number, Stability sense, Data storage, External output, Battery capacity

Temperature compensation

Up to 10 entries for temperature compensation coefficient & converted temperature

Automatic calibration

All density values of pure water needed for auto calibration can be stored.

Number of data

1,100 samples

External output


PC or Printer can be connected. (not both)

- IrDA interface is standard equipped.

- Connection via RS-232C requires optional infrared RS converter (98-029-0007).


Approximately 360g

Power source

DC 3V (2 pieces of 1.5V alkaline dry cell (“AAA”)

Battery life

Approximately 90 hours

Sampling method

Syringe-type hand pump

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