129610A LHe/LN2 Sistema Criostato

129610A LHe/LN2



This cryostat system, a customized version of the Janis Research Company's model STVP cryostat is a versatile research tool, designed to operate between 5 K and 600 K. The sample itself is located in an inert, dry, static exchange gas, (e.g. helium), which ensures that the sample is not affected by exposure to cryogen vapor.

Liquid nitrogen (LN2) or liquid helium (LHe) can be used as the cryogen depending on the required operating temperature range. This allows standard tests to be performed using relatively low cost LN2 as the cryogen. Higher cost LHe can be substituted for the duration of tests where very low temperature is required, providing an economical solution to your test requirements.

Applications include:

  • Development of advanced polymer materials
  • Pharmaceutical applications including drug delivery and freeze drying
  • Semiconductor materials
  • Composite materials and coatings
  • Display materials
  • Aerospace materials

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