1296A Interfaz Dieléctrica




The development of modern high impedance, low loss materials has meant that further advances in measurement technology have been required. We therefore specifically designed the Model 1296A Dielectric Interface to extend the measurement capabilities of our frequency response analyzers for the materials test market. This dielectric test system allows the user to investigate the frequency response of a material over an extended impedance range (up to 1014 &Omega:), and under varying experimental conditions of AC amplitude control, DC bias to 1 kV AC or DC, and temperature.

Analyzing low conductivity, low loss materials stretches the capabilities of even the best frequency response analyzers (FRAs). Used alone, they lack the sensitivity required for accurate measurements, especially at low frequencies. When used in conjunction with one of our FRAs, the Model 1296A Dielectric Interface overcomes these issues allowing fast, accurate impedance measurements from 100 &Omega: to 100 T&Omega: with1 in65,000,000 resolution. In addition, the dissipation factor of low loss materials can be characterized with accurate tan delta measurements of less than 10-4.

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