12962A Portamuestras para Sólidos y Líquidos

12962A, 12963A, 12964A Sample Holders


The Model 12962A sample holder is designed to allow accurate impedance tests of solid materials to be performed at room temperature. The sample holder comprises of two parallel electrodes, one of which is fixed in position and the other which can be moved into contact with the sample by adjustment of a micrometer. The sample holder makes use of guard ring and reference techniques in order to improve accuracy by reducing &ldquo:fringing&rdquo: effects at the edge of the sample. The standard electrode provided is 20mm diameter.

Model 12963A electrode kit

This auxiliary electrode kit for the 12962A sample holder allows measurements of different sizes of materials. 10, 30 and40 mmelectrodes are supplied in this kit.

Model 12964A liquid sample holder

The liquid sample holder also makes use of guard ring techniques and is shaped as a container in order to be able to measure small samples of liquid or powders. The sample holder is easily dissembled for cleaning.

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