DG-1 Estación de Monitoreo por Satelite DataGarrison



La Estación de monitoreo por satelite DataGarrison es un dispositivo de transmisión de datos poe satelite con energía solar y utiliza los sensores inteligentes HOBO® de Onset Computer Corporation, tipo plug-and-play.
Sólo con pulsar un botón, la estación DataGarrison comienza a transmitir al centro de datos DataGarrison.com por satélite.
Se pueden acceder a los datos de forma segura desde cualquier PC o Movil conectados a Internet. Los usuarios pueden visualizar o descargar los datos con una conexión encriptada de 256 bits segura.
También se puede cambiar los parámetros se los sensores remotamente, como el intervalo de registro y la tasa de actualización del servidor con una interfaz fácil de usar.

Temperature Range

Temperature Range -30 to 60º C (-22 to 140º F) Optional industrial battery packs available to extend temperature range up to 80º C (176º F)


A 1.2 Watt solar panel and the optional 2.5 AH industrial grade rechargeable battery pack are designed to last up to 15 years

Solar charging

Temperature compensated charging voltage optimizes battery life and

performance. Typically requires an average of one to two hours of direct

sunlight per day. Will typically operate for one month in clouded conditions


2.8 kg (6 lbs)


20 X 15 X 10 cm (8 X 6 X 4 inches)

Environmental Rating

NEMA 6 weatherproof. Indoor and outdoor versions available.

Communication ports

Two serial ports for configuration and interfacing with external serial devices

Smart Sensor ports

Six ports available

Average power consumption

Satellite linking/transmitting/receiving (70 mA) and sleep (1.1 mA)


Four LED’s on main circuit board indicate Power, In Range, Receiver On, and Low Battery.

Server updates (satellite

xmission frequency)

User configurable from every 5 minutes to once a month

Minimum recommended

logging interval

every 2.5 minutes

Remote alarms

User configurable low battery alarm and high/low sensor value alarms

Average sensor alarm latency: logging interval plus 30 seconds during typical network conditions.

Remote control

Can be controlled over the Internet. Functions include setting alarm limits and changing the data logging or transmission intervals

Data formats

Tab-delimited text

Data access

Raw data is accessible from any Web browser via a password-protected,

secure 256-bit connection. Live plots can be configured and viewed from the same online account.


Sun-facing wall or pole. Sold with clamps for mounting on poles from 1.5 to 2 inches in diameter.


1616 to 1626.5 MHz

Satellite Network

Iridium Satellite Constellation


Works throughout the world in areas with lines of sight to the sky

Federal specifications

FCC certified for use in the U.S. and authorized for use throughout the world. Call for details regarding worldwide operation.

Enclosure Access

Hinged door secured by two latches, which can be further secured with

user-supplied padlocks

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